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Her UnTold Story

 Any advice for women who are thinking of becoming their own boss?

“Striking out on your own is always scary, and we always imagine the worst possible scenarios. In reality, these situations rarely come to pass. I want women to know that they shouldn’t be crippled by their perceived limitations. Instead, they should channel that worry into something more positive by envisioning success. Don’t dwell, because the longer you dwell, the harder it’ll be for you to take action. Get educated, make mistakes, learn, repeat. You don’t want to be that person who regrets not doing enough for herself when you get older.”

-Genecia Alluora, Asia's Mentor For Start Ups

What Others Say...

  • "I saw how to fulfill a need in the market and launched my business successfully."

    Genecia's webinars has provided a ton of practical, step by step information for people like me, who are new to business.

      Wee Yen Yee, Owner Mobile Coffee Store

  • "I launched from zero to being fully booked in my home based nail salon!"

    Irene Tan, Award-Winning Online Nails Educator & Startup Advisor, Mother of 2


    Genecia has been a great mentor to me. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and business experience to all business owners. She has committed her time to mentor us and making sure that they are doing fine and on the right track.

      Irene Chong, Owner Online T-shirt Biz

  • "With Genecia's guidance, I recouped my investment."

    I've attended most of Genecia's webinars and I really learned a lot from her. She has opened the door of online marketing and leading me to it by showing me the right techniques to be used in promoting products in Facebook.

    Alice Ng, Founder Printmea-tee

  • "You will have NO REGRETS being mentored by Genecia...this is the course that I will strongly recommend, even if you are someone like me who is not that IT savvy."

    Imelda Tan, Founder of Dollies Closet

  • "Genecia is a fine lady of beauty with brains. She is grounded, with a good head on her shoulders, knowlegeable and generous with those around her."

    John Tan, Executive Director of CARE Singapore

FREE 7-Day Challenge

Secrets to Explode Your Income & Manifest Money Quickly

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