“To me, entrepreneurship is about having the courage to live a life that a lot people cannot find it in themselves to. Entrepreneurship is about continually facing your fears. While fear can be paralysing, it can also be immensely motivating. It’s how you deal with fear that determines how successful you’ll become. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fear; that’s when you’ll know what are the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.”


Inspiring women to open their eyes to the possibilities of working less, living more embracing abundance of health, wealth, and happiness.

1. What is Soul Rich Woman?
Our mission is to empower women to achieve their ambitions.
Soul Rich Woman is a mastermind community leveraging on technology that helps women fast track their business success. Everyone in the community knows the importance of aiming for higher and in realizing their dreams. It’s not just about building a profitable online business but allowing more women to live a life financial independence and emotional freedom.

“One woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world.”

2. Why Soul Rich Woman
Soul Rich Woman represents a collaborative movement in Asia where women are encouraged to rise up and chase their dreams. It’s about encouraging the multi-hyphenate and being proud of it: you are a mother, a daughter and a wife but you’re also a boss. By creating a supportive hub of like-minded female entrepreneurs, business leaders and those aspiring to be, Soul Rich Woman aims to inspire more women to think big, empowering them to bring their A-game in order to change the game.
3. What are you hoping to achieve, your vision?
I believe that success isn’t about the glorious wins, it’s the behind the scenes work that you do with others that matter. It's about helping others keep their focus on their goals and stay motivated enough to do their best to realize their potential. Basically, my vision is to lay the groundwork for other women’s success and then to take a step back to let them shine as well.
5. What’s your personal belief?
My personal belief is that each one of has valuable skills and talents to share to the world. Even if we don’t recognize that value in ourselves, other people can help us get to know that aspects of ourselves. If you have a supportive network that can do that for you, it’d be much easier to leverage your efforts by a hundredfold. You get things done faster through others’ help. When you make use of others’ knowledge and experiences, you’ll realize that success comes from acknowledging that you can’t do everything alone.
6. Why should people be part of SRW?
Women leaders and female entrepreneurs should be a part of SRW because it’s a great way to meet new people and expand their support group. Not only will you meet like-minded people but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with others who can open new doors for you. Another compelling reason to be a part of SRW is that you can easily further your knowledge by being exposed to real life business experiences that show you the ropes of what it takes to make a business successful. A lot of our members have told me that being a part of the SRW community is an enriching personal experience for them. Not only do our members learn a lot but we also have fun and get to de-stress in the process when we’re interacting with each other.
7. Who can benefit from being part of SRW?
 For women who’s looking for inspiration, motivation, and knowledge. For growth, increase sales, attract more clients, sell high ticket coaching programs, retreats and maximize your profits. In SRW, almost everyone’s doing something amazing that only spurs other members to work harder and achieve their goals. If you’re looking for business, marketing and mindset lessons, mastermind with like-minded no frills no drama women community, and don’t want to learn everything from just personal trial and errors, SRW is perfect for you.

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women supporting her and that is exactly what the SOUL RICH WOMAN ASIA MASTERMIND is all about. The SOUL RICH WOMAN ASIA MASTERMIND is a 1 day event conceptualised around a fresher and sexier approach and set in a fun, digitally-optimised environment. It offers a dynamic mix of women who will present sharp, engaging TED-styled talks and 7 power panels from women who are ready to enable, empower, and elevate others.


“I Create My Life.” The spark of rising tide of female entrepreneurs where you rebuild your life and wealth as a single person at any age. The preferred powerhouse for women where they become independent leveraging on online business, marketing & investing, with grace, courage, confidence and wisdom.

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