“To me, entrepreneurship is about having the courage to live a life that a lot people cannot find it in themselves to. Entrepreneurship is about continually facing your fears. While fear can be paralysing, it can also be immensely motivating. It’s how you deal with fear that determines how successful you’ll become. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fear; that’s when you’ll know what are the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.”

Vision: Empowering our members to succeed in life, business and health. 

1. What is Soul Rich Woman?

Our mission is to empower women to achieve their ambitions.

About SoulRichWoman.com (SRW)

“Alone we are strong. Together, we are unstoppable.”

Soul Rich Woman is Southeast Asia’s largest network of female entrepreneurs with 10,000 active members collaborating across 15 countries. Its mission is to enable women to succeed in business, life and health, through knowledge sharing, networking and inspiring confidence in one another. What first started as a mission aimed to help Singaporean women entrepreneurs has now expanded to other Asian countries.

Its main purpose is to bring like-minded women together and empower the members in a way that they achieve their ambitions with proper guidance. Its network of community leaders and staff engage a wider 200,000 strong female community. Soul Rich Woman is helping remove obstacles to female entrepreneurship through mentoring, skill sharing and network building programmes across the region. 

“One woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world.”

2. Why Soul Rich Woman
Soul Rich Woman represents a collaborative movement in Asia where women are encouraged to rise up and chase their dreams. It’s about encouraging the multi-hyphenate and being proud of it: you are a mother, a daughter and a wife but you’re also a boss. By creating a supportive hub of like-minded female entrepreneurs, business leaders and those aspiring to be, Soul Rich Woman aims to inspire more women to think big, empowering them to bring their A-game in order to change the game.
3. What is the definition of Soul Rich Woman?

Soul Rich Woman Definition

‘Noun’: A woman who lives in her own terms, specific to business with recurring income; also see: ‘Hustle’

Note: Soul Rich Woman is a proper noun and should always be used in singular form.

5. What is the focus of SRW as a community for women by women?

Our Focus: A community for women by women

  • We coach aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in their abilities to give them the confidence they need to tackle the business world.
  • We helps entrepreneurs go from offline to online and build a powerful personal brand
  • Through our training and mentor programmes we equip women with the skills they need to build their businesses
  • Automate your business so that you are constantly working ON your business and not IN your business (there’s a big difference)
  • Build your expert empire: How to start, build authority and monetise what you know
  • We introduce you to a network of 10,000 like minded women across 15 countries who support and teach each other the way to success.
6. How can women easily join the SRW community?

Women leaders and female entrepreneurs should be a part of SRW because it’s a great way to meet new people and expand their support group. Not only will you meet like-minded people but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with others who can open new doors for you. Another compelling reason to be a part of SRW is that you can easily further your knowledge by being exposed to real life business experiences that show you the ropes of what it takes to make a business successful. A lot of our members have told me that being a part of the SRW community is an enriching personal experience for them. Not only do our members learn a lot but we also have fun and get to de-stress in the process when we’re interacting with each other.

Anyone can join for free and access the free resources available on soulrichwoman.com as well as our facebook group with more than 1300 episodes of videos on business, mindset and marketing to learn from. Prospective members have the option to further invest in themselves by upgrading anytime.

7. What's the 3 key benefits and offers of Soul Rich Woman?
  • Online training, workshops and dedicated mentoring with our international mix of mentors to choose from.
  • Generating media interest to be more visible across national and international markets
  • Online academy for continuous learning with new programs added regularly
8. I'm an entrepreneur. How can SRW help me to effectively grow and market my businesses by providing me with support?
  • Monthly networking events where members can meet other successful entrepreneurs are held across each country that SRW has a presence in.
  • Quarterly 1-4 day workshop and training programs are conducted across the region
  • Yearly women empowerment conference #WeEmpower with the next one in November 2018.
  • Access monthly online or in-person mentorship programs in the areas you need help most.
  • Our international mentors include: COO of 9GAG, Lilian Leong; Co-Founder of Scalized, Christina Chen; Founder of SauceINK, Sabrina Wang, and more.
  • SRW community members can book 30 minute mentoring sessions via the membership area on a first come, first serve basis.
  • These regular coaching calls with business mentors help members get on track in setting up their business and marketing to reach potential customers.
9. What else do SRW offer?
  • Curated online training and webinars on topics such as content marketing, digital branding, ecommerce building, to help them grow their online presence, attract potential customers, maximize their profits, convert leads and close business deals.
  • Network and access to SRW’s online business community through our membership platform which connects members to more than 10,000 business-minded womenpreneurs across 15 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar, who can share similar experiences and expertise in pursuing their passion and business ventures.
  • Access to knowledge-sharing through Soul Rich Woman TV, where Genecia interviews some of the most prominent global marketing personalities including CEO of Vaynermedia, Gary Vaynerchuk; COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg and more.
  • Champion community leaders share their thoughts on business, mindset, marketing, parenting, image and life strategies to be a better version of self via live streaming channels.
  • Business exposure in SRW’s various online assets such as website, business directory listing and various social media channels.


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