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Need an expert or a quote for a story you’re running about women empowerment, start up, brand building and social media.

Our Mentors are often called on by the media for their insights and practical tips that includes using technology to operate their business, work with different women regardless of their location, build a well-rounded and active online community and leverage on the power of social media to get their inspiring messages and expertise across different channels to reach as many aspiring women entrepreneurs as possible.


Our Mentors in Soul Rich Woman and/or our Founder of Soul Rich Woman are available for interview or comment in the media on the following topics:


  • Her entrepreneurial beginnings; her shift from being a beauty queen to being a full- time entrepreneur and business coach and maven
  • Getting into and navigating through the world of business – the ins and outs, expert advice on surviving the industry, her failures and how she learned from them, as well as industry best practices

  • Her journey to becoming a successful businesswoman that she is today, backed with 10 years of experience in different industries

  • The business model and design employed in Soul Rich Woman to equip aspiring women entrepreneurs with the right support, tools and knowledge to run their own business and be their own boss.

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